RWA/ Society Activations with Sutradhaarevents


Resident Welfare Activities are organized by "Sutradhaarevents" in order to create awareness of the customers at one place. The main purpose behind it is direct publicity to the people."Sutradhaarevents" Since many years, have been arranging these types of activities at reasonable rates than the others. Moreover, we also provide promotion activities like canopy, trade show, hand-outs, human banners and many other services.

The major reason of these events is promotion where many citizens get chance to know the features of the products directly at one place. It is best for those who don’t have much time to go to the market for its complete knowledge. Other than that, sometimes, many products are not allowed to highlight through TV and radio due to some reason but still they can advertise through BTL promotions. "Sutradhaarevents" makes your promotion the best with all these activities.


Society activation offers a platform to get to your target audience directly. The society activation is used for promoting to an entire family or a specific group of customers within a family."Sutradhaarevents" prepares an environment in which people are comfortable. We then, promote your company/ company products in a targeted way to increase your sales/ leads.With the increase in the sizes of the co-operative housing societies, the society activation is a perfect choice for promoting your brand. It’s an ideal option for direct interactions between your company and the consumer.